Efficient Pinch Valves

Included in BMG’s extensive portfolio of industrial slurry valves is a range of pinch valves, which have been developed to control the flow of liquids, powders, solids and abrasives in many industries. Explains Willie Lamprecht, Sales Manager, Fluid Technology division, BMG, “Pinch valves have been added to our product offering, enhancing our wide range of […]

Does Automation Threaten Jobs? 

In 2022, the industrial manufacturing sector contributed 11.4% towards the overall GDP (R3 trillion). Today, around 1.5 million people work in industrial manufacturing, and are witnessing progression at a rapid pace within the sector. Vinesh Maharaj, PwC South Africa’s Smart Manufacturing Lead, says, “New technologies are changing the face of manufacturing. Factories are becoming increasingly […]

Robotic Tasks Made Easy

A new low-cost modular robotics kit from motion plastics manufacturer, igus, makes automation extremely easy and affordable for manufacturing companies in South Africa. Cost-effective automation is the best possible solution for gripping, turning, pivoting and placing items and returning them to their initial position, especially in the case of simple pick-and-place tasks performed over a […]

Embracing Predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturers to increasingly harness and use Big Data to enable responsive, optimised outputs. However, investment in technologies is irrelevant without data analytics to understand the internal and external factors impacting on a business. Big Data gets bigger every year, and manufacturing companies are increasingly able to collect data from a vast […]

Zinc and Wastewater Plants

Zinc coatings are an effective corrosion protection method for wastewater treatment plants as they are compatible with a range of metal materials when coated onto steel. Zinc is resistant to various corrosive agents present in wastewater, provided it is duplex coated with a powerful organic coating. Zinc can withstand high temperatures and pressures and mechanical […]

 Analysing an Oil Filter

Used oil filters provide lots of clues about the oil condition. Inspecting a dissected filter reveals information about the filter itself when looking for collapsed media, bad seals or weak points that developed during use. The debris remaining in the used filter also indicates important facts about the machine’s health. Here, we discuss three different […]

Baseload may not be base load

Baseload electrical energy is, for the purpose of this article, energy that is readily dispatchable at a predictable energy availability factor level (EAF). The primary energy that enables dispatchability and predictable EAF are nuclear and fossil fuel.  The most compelling aspect of baseload that need consideration is that, power generation must be relatively continuous. Baseload […]

Tough Couplings for Tough Industries

BMG’s extensive range of power transmission components encompasses robust products from Regal Rexnord, a leading manufacturer of critical system components that perform efficiently under rigorous demands in diverse applications.  “Plant managers and maintenance teams understand that equipment serviceability is a critical factor in maintaining uptime and efficiency at their facilities- whether it’s in cement, food […]

AI and ML in the Data Lake

Infor, an industry cloud company, recently presented an update of their offerings at the Manufacturing Indaba held in Sandton. Focusing mainly on Infor’s manufacturing industry-specific cloud solution and technology strategy, Phil Lewis, Infor senior vice president of solution consulting international (EMEA & APJ), shared why helping customers to innovate and use technology to achieve their […]

Common Failures in Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are often used in intensive applications because of their ability to operate for a long time under heavy loads and their low maintenance needs, even in harsh operating conditions. Despite this, their resilience doesn’t mean that they are immune to failure. Some of the common causes of plain bearings failures include metal fatigue, […]