Wire and Thermocouple Probes

Senseca, formerly the GHM Group, has launched with enhanced features and a re-design, their PRO 111, PRO 115 handheld meter/data logger for Pt100 4-wire probes as well as their PRO 131/PRO 135 data logger for thermocouple probes. Comments MD Jan Grobler. “Both of these devices now give a higher quality LED screen making the data […]

 Five Handy Tips

WearCheck specialises in a range of condition monitoring techniques, which includes the scientific analysis of used oil and other fluids from mechanical and electrical systems.

Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Condition Monitoring 

Building on decades of experience supporting customers to optimise their maintenance activities based on condition monitoring, SKF has just released its new Microlog Analyzer dBX that offers faster measurement collection and greater diagnostic power. “This is a powerful tool for standalone troubleshooting as well as being part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance programme,” says Janne […]

Steam Generator Replacement

With a presence in more than 50 countries on five continents, and a proud history of 95 years in the industry internationally, Dekra is known as a global expert in non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection. Dekra Industrial RSA was recently awarded a tender to undertake NDT inspection and testing at South Africa’s only nuclear plant, […]

Aviation Monitoring Programme

Did you know that a dedicated aircraft testing programme is conducted by condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, to reduce the risk of catastrophic engine failure, boost safety and reduce maintenance costs? WearCheck’s thriving aviation division analyses used aircraft oil and filters for wear particles, oil degradation and cleanliness of hydraulic fluids. The company’s experienced aircraft diagnosticians […]

Speedy Results

Condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, recently invested several million Rand in four brand new laboratory instruments for their flourishing transformer division laboratories in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. WearCheck managing director Neil Robinson says the company’s investment in the equipment has relieved some of the current sample volume pressure and reduced turnaround times in line with […]

Dealership Rights

South African-based condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, are proud to announce a partnership with Swedish condition monitoring instrument manufacturers, SPM, allowing WearCheck to sell and support their world-class products.The full SPM range features portable condition monitoring products, online systems, maintenance tools, technologie sand expertise, all using techniques that help customers to achieve the highest possible uptime […]

Software For Refiners

DataManager v8.2 analysis software continuously monitors high risk internal corrosion levels in hydrofluoric acid alkylation units to prevent acid leaks, unplanned shutdowns and offers better predictability of equipment lifespan Emerson’s new DataManager software v8.2 helps refiners monitor corrosion of hydrofluoric (HF) acid alkylation units to prevent costly, unplanned shutdowns and maximize profits and productivity. DataManager Analysis […]

West Africa

Tarkwa’s new laboratory, now housed in a building a block away from the original converted shipping container, is kitted out with various new instruments that enable extensive advanced testing to be done, and additional laboratory technicians have been employed. The company also opened a second laboratory in Ghana recently, providing world class oil analysis and reliability […]

Controlling Maintenance Costs

A condition-based monitoring program, devised for the marine industry by SKF, enables ship operators to control costs and avoid damaging equipment breakdown. One operator, Capital Ship Management Corp. (Capital), has been investigating condition monitoring strategies since 2006, in order to reduce the maintenance costs and minimise unexpected machinery and equipment breakdown. Together with SKF, Capital […]