Finland’s Milk Trucks Fill Up with Biogas

The Vuorenmaa dairy farm, in Haapavesi, Finland, has 180 cows that produce milk for Valio’s local dairy. For years, the farm has used manure to generate electricity and heat for own use through its in-house biogas plant. For the first time, this biogas has begun to fuel a milk truck as Valio’s first step in […]

SA’s First Energy Performance Certificate

On 18 February 2021, the Admin B building at Stellenbosch University, which houses the vice chancellor and executive team, received the first-ever EPC for a building in South Africa, in recognition of its commitment to energy efficiency. Bluedust Engineering Solutions, Stellenbosch University’s energy management consultants, were instrumental in achieving their EPC.  The EPC was issued […]

Hate Stopping for Petrol?

If filling up your car is one of your least favourite chores, you can avoid it by using a smartphone app that will bring the petrol pump right to your car. Ordering is easy via the app and is charged to a credit card. Provided a vehicle’s fuel cap is left open and unlocked, the […]