If You Can Dream It…..

“SA MechEng Online, on behalf of SAIMechE, was invited to Cape Town to attend the launch of the EvansWerks Creative Lab.  Although digital printing is not new, the volume that can be printed, varying from one too many thousands, is unique as is the Lab’s expertise in  seamlessly bridging a client from prototype to mass manufacture. A subsidiary of EvansWerks, a family-owned, privately-held research and development […]

Surface Refrigeration Plant in Mali

Bluhm Burton Engineering (BBE) Projects has commissioned another turnkey surface refrigeration plant at Société des Mines de Loulo (Somilo) SA gold mine in Mali, West Africa. The Loulo gold field, which includes the Gara, Yalea and Gounkoto deposits is less than 2km east of the border with Senegal on the West Mali gold belt. The […]

New Dimple Tubes for Heat Exchangers 

Newly-developed dimple tube technology, developed and patented by Bosch Projects, increases the heating surface area of an existing vacuum pan by 15% and improves the turbulence and heat transfer characteristics, compared with smooth walled tubes.  “We developed this advanced dimple tube technology to optimise equipment productivity, reducing batch pan cycle time, improving pan floor capacity […]

Engineers and Quantity Surveyors vie for M&E Services

What part should the quantity surveyor play in the procurement and management of Electrical and Mechanical(M&E) services? This has been a vexed question for many years and remains a contentious subject when both engineers and quantity surveyors vie to include the procurement, administration and cost management of M&E services in their respective appointments. Some clients […]

A Sound Springboard

Invicta Holdings Limited’s Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) – distributors of engineering consumables, automotive components, technical services and related solutions – has achieved recognition as a Level 2 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). 

Advanced And Efficient Equipment

“A critical part of our service to the sugar sector is in equipment design: from the front-end cane off-loading, cane preparation and juice extraction, through to processing, sugar drying and refining.“Our research and development team works closely with associate sugar consultants and technologists around the world, to develop high-performance equipment. Every system is designed to […]