Hudaco Group company, Berntel, is introducing several new product ranges through the Bearings International (BI) branch network. These include Ober, an Italian designer and manufacturer of portable pneumatic tools, motors, automated machinery, and systems for drilling, tapping, threading and screwing, including power screwdrivers with electronic torque control; compressors and dryers from German manufacturer BOGE; and smart vacuum solutions from Piab.

In addition, Berntel represents a range of well-known brands, such as JELPC pneumatics, Piab vacuum components, JORC Industrial condensate drain management, VMECA water-free units, and Belef actuation.

The main applications are food and beverage, automotive, general industry, sugar, pulp and paper, OEMs, machine builders, and agriculture, Berntel General Manager Neil Champion explains.

The complete solutions available focus on the efficient generation of clean, dry compressed air to condensate drain management, pneumatic, vacuum, process, and industrial components, and designing and programming control systems with PLC integration.

“What is critical for customers to understand is that Berntel focuses on solutions specifically for vacuum process and industrial automation. It is a nicely-mixed product range that offers a complete package. We have strived to make a simply and user-friendly basket for a range of requirements and applications,” Neil concludes.

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