First, we are one of the very few companies able to assist mines in offering solutions many African mining companies are looking for – the technology to pump ‘run of mine’ underground water at high pressures with less downtime and maintenance than normally associated with most multistage pumps.
“Secondly, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to arrive at cost-effective and efficient solutions for the turnkey abstraction of water, whether on a virgin mine, or that of a closed or flooded mine. And it’s all due to the agreement Carl Hamm concluded to distribute Duchting pumps,” says Chris.
Carl Hamm PPS South Africa, is a subsidiary of the privately-owned fourth generation family business in Germany, and thus brings to bear all the international expertise, underpinned by wide local experience when tackling any project.
Special characteristics
What differentiates the Duchting range from its competitors is the rotational speed, clearances and robust design. Over 2 000 units have been sold across the globe from the USA and Canada, to China, the Philippines, Germany, Poland and of course, South Africa.
Chris concludes, “The pumps have a guaranteed efficiency of over 80 % and vastly reduced maintenance and downtime, making them ideal for any mine.”
Clients have enjoyed unprecedented success with these pumps, whether standard or customised, for example:
• a high pressure HPXM 50X3 pumping 720m3 per hour
was supplied to a coal mine in Germany and is still in
• a HPXM 250X6 pump installed in a copper mine in Poland
ran for 49 000 hours without a service
• a HXPU 200X13 high pressure pump was adapted to
the needs of a coal mine in China and pumps 500m3
per hour at 93 bar.
Carl Hamm PPS South Africa
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