“BMG specialists play an important role in upgrading ageing water and wastewater facilities and designing new drive systems, to ensure a dependable infrastructure,” explains Kelly Mac Iver, Gears Business Unit Manager, BMG Electro Mechanical Division.
“The selection of robust equipment, which can endure continuous operation under severe conditions is critical. Every drive package selected must match the application perfectly, to ensure energy-efficiency, low running costs, minimum downtime and extended service life of the system.
“Care for the environment is also a priority and for this reason, we select environmentally-friendly drive solutions that help minimise emissions. 
“It is also important to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, which is why reliability is our main focus when designing the drive systems for new and upgraded facilities. All BMG components are precisely matched to each other and to application requirements, to ensure high productivity, smooth operation and long service life. 
“Apart from the supply of new drive systems, the company’s broad branch network offers original spares and advanced workshop resources that ensure all repairs to drive components meet pristine OEM standards,” Kelly concludes.
Gears Business Unit Manager 
BMG ElectroMechanical Division 
Kelly Mac Iver 
Mobile: 082-453-7347 
Tel: (011) 620-1615 
Email: KellyM@bmgworld.net