Its growing reputation for prompt and cost effective dredging in the mining sector has extended the work of Integrated Pump Rental into tackling sewage settlement ponds.
A recent contract at a wastewater treatment plant is part of a strong flow of repeat business from South Africa’s platinum mines, according to Ruaan Venter, rental development manager at Integrated Pump Rental. This particular plant was operated by the mine, but also served the local municipality and nearby communities.
“Using our specialised SlurrySucker dredging equipment, we could quickly dredge the sewage pond before there was any danger of overflow,” says Ruaah. “Regular monitoring and dredging of these facilities allows them to effectively settle the sewage flowing in, and keep the system operating well.”
He notes that the SlurrySucker uses a pump with an open-vane, non-clogging impeller, an important innovation in these applications as there are still solid objects and sanitary products that could block a normal pump.
“The design of our system, and the way it channels water flow to agitate the settled material, ensures that there is no chance of damaging the pond liner,” he concludes.
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