The synchronous bypass unit does not impact drive functionality negatively. Apart from using the VSD as a starting and network synchronising mechanism via the synchronous bypass unit, the VSD can be implemented for process control functionality by controlling the motor shaft speed during system operation.
This has the advantage of reducing mechanical and process system transients while gaining controllability during start-up conditions. The VSD can control the motor speed continuously for unlimited periods, with the option of synchronising the motor directly to the supply grid.
This is available with the specific MV drive product portfolio from ABB South Africa, such as the ACS1000, ACS5000, ACS580MV and LCI. The power and voltage range covered with this functionality is 2 300V to 20kV (motor voltages), with a motor power range from 200kW to 101MW available upon request.
ABB South Africa specialises in large, complex and challenging customised application requirements. It has a large local technical sales and service support base in Southern Africa covering the entire industrial spectrum. 
Aftermarket support includes ABB Ability condition monitoring and remote assistance for drives. This ranges from rapid support for onsite problems, using the drive data that has been stored remotely to deliver accurate real-time information about drive condition and events, ensuring maximum equipment availability and reliability.
In addition, ABB Drive Care Agreements range from Initial Care, a free service for newly purchased ABB MV drives during the first year of the warranty, to Complete Care, which allows customers to focus on their core business thanks to a fixed-price lifecycle agreement.
“The future of your drives and systems depends on the service you choose. Your choice should be based on a well-informed decision. We have the expertise and experience to help you find and implement the right service for your assets. You have our guidance and full support along the course you take, throughout the entire lifetime of your drives,” Sarel concludes.
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