SA Mechanical Engineer is endorsed by:

SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE): https://www.saimeche.org.za/
Consulting Engineers South Africa: https://www.cesa.co.za/
The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: https://www.icmeesa.org.za/
National Society of Black Engineers: https://nsbe.org/home.aspx
SA Association for Energy Efficiency: https://www.saeeconfed.org.za
Sa Capital Equipment Export Council: https://saceec.com/
SA Institute of Tribology: http://www.sait.org.za/
SA Pump Manufacturers Association: https://sapma.co.za/
SA Valve and Actuators Manufacturers Association: https://www.seifsa.co.za/
Valve & Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa: https://saceec.com/