Steinmüller Africa’s Welding Expertise

Steinmuller Africa’s commitment to quality management is highlighted by its ISO 3834 certification and its in-house welding skills development programme. According to Steinmüller Africa Director, Moso Bolofo, welding is the company’s bread and butter, and the ISO 3834 certification is vital in ensuring the production of safe and high-quality welded constructions. “If fabricators are not careful about managing every aspect of weld quality, serious, dangerous, and expensive consequences may arise once a boiler is put into service,” he says.

Repair rate of 3 percent

With the ability to track historical data, Steinmüller Africa can respond to issues quickly and appropriately, and manage equipment longevity. The company’s commitment to high-quality standards has earned them a repair rate of 3% or less, well below global norms in the stringent.

Steinmüller Africa’s Welding Expertise

The company’s expertise extends to welder skills and skills development, which is fundamental to their business and the retention of skills for South Africa. Their Welding Academy and use of the EBS Academy for training in-service boiler tube welders has enabled them to maintain their welding skills base and keep plants running optimally.

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