Power Transmission

MEPS: Not a Day Too Soon

In a country where most electric motors are not energy efficient, the announcement by government of its plans to introduce Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)

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Minerals Processing

Mechanised Mine Training

Murray & Roberts Cementation has launched a ‘mock-up’ facility for underground mechanised mining. Tony Pretorius, Education, Training and Development Executive at Murray & Roberts Cementation,

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Efficient Pinch Valves

Included in BMG’s extensive portfolio of industrial slurry valves is a range of pinch valves, which have been developed to control the flow of liquids,

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Robotic Tasks Made Easy

A new low-cost modular robotics kit from motion plastics manufacturer, igus, makes automation extremely easy and affordable for manufacturing companies in South Africa. Cost-effective automation

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IT & Digital

Embracing Predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturers to increasingly harness and use Big Data to enable responsive, optimised outputs. However, investment in technologies is irrelevant without data

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Water Management

Zinc and Wastewater Plants

Zinc coatings are an effective corrosion protection method for wastewater treatment plants as they are compatible with a range of metal materials when coated onto

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 Analysing an Oil Filter

Used oil filters provide lots of clues about the oil condition. Inspecting a dissected filter reveals information about the filter itself when looking for collapsed

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