SEW-Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd offers a range of transmission solutions to assist sugar millers in cutting costs. Sugar millers depend on high plant availability for maximum input versus output. This makes SEW-Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd the ideal transmission solutions partner to add value to the sugar industry, due to its expertise which is available locally 24/7, seven-days-a-week.
The main opportunity in this market segment lies not only in upgrading old and outdated systems, but the value-add for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the sugar industry.
Recently Illovo Sugar MD, Mamongae Mahlare, was quoted by the Sunday Times as stating that IPPs provide “a critical lifeline” for the sugar industry, which is faced with constraints such as the sugar tax and falling prices for exports.
Sugar millers produce their own power by burning cane fibre to generate additional power. Here the expertise of Sew-Eurodrive. in energy-efficient solutions is key. It can apply real-time power-saving solutions to produce the same performance from older existing equipment and applications.
These energy-efficient transmission solutions potentially produce more output power or torque by drawing even less power from the grid. Applications for these mechanical and electrical transmission solutions in the sugar industry include milling tandems, bagasse conveyors, juice agitators, clarifiers, crystalises, sugar dryers, and many other production applications.
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