With its expertise and experience in custom-building diesel driven pumps locally, Integrated Pump Rental ensures their customers get exactly what they need with a short lead time.

“Our in-house capability allows us to design and build pumps to any required specification,” says Steve du Toit, rental development manager at Integrated Pump Rental. “Part of our process is to assess the application and discuss options with the customer, advising on a solution that suits both the operational requirement as well as their budget.”

As the local distributor of the high quality Sykes diesel driven  pump range, Integrated Pump Rental generally uses the appropriate Sykes wet end for each pump design, usually coupled to a Kirloskar diesel engine – a well-respected and popular brand. However, the brands of key components can be chosen by the customer according to their preference, says Steve.

Material of construction

“We then design and construct the fuel tank and base or trailer unit, the scale of which depends on the pump’s intended working conditions, mobility and fuel consumption,” he explains. “The material of construction must also be carefully selected, based on factors like water acidity and abrasiveness.” 

In the case of high acidity, for instance, stainless steel is the preferred material, while more abrasive applications can be served with a coated S.G. iron material. The solution is put together by a team that includes qualified draughtsmen and experienced boilermakers, electricians and diesel mechanics. 

“Our performance-driven approach ensures that all the necessary specialists collaborate closely in turning the customer’s requirement into reality,” he adds. “This includes hands-on involvement by top management, making for quick decisions, innovative solutions and a fast process all round.”

Local input

The result is a top quality locally-assembled pump which draws on readily-available components and can be delivered within tight timeframes. Customers can also rely on Integrated Pump Rental’s well-known service levels to ensure ongoing maintenance and optimal uptime. “Our versatile team, combined with the wide range of Sykes pump capacities, allows us to locally build pumps for every application – from small-scale contract dewatering to large open pits on mines,” says Steve. 

He notes that many of their custom-built pumps are for customers who have previously rented pumps from the company, and are impressed by the performance and reliability of the Sykes units. While diesel driven pumps are most in demand, Integrated Pump Rentals can also design pumps with electric motors, for those applications where electrical power is available on site. 


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