The Verder Group has expanded its range of Verderair diaphragm pumps with the launch of the e-Pure electrically-driven double diaphragm pump series. Launched globally in April, these pumps are available locally as well as for Africa through Verder Pumps South Africa and its distribution network.

According toMD, Darryl Macdougall, “The e-Pure series is a sustainable electrically-driven diaphragm pump solution. Because of the reduced number of flow bends and moving parts, this new unique pump series has a much better fluid flow. The result is an optimal fluid speed and highest possible energy efficiency.”

The series sees reduced maintenance, lower energy costs, and a longer lifetime. The pump housing is manufactured from solid machined PTFE or PE (UHMW). The other wetted parts are made from PEEK and SS 316L. The e-Pure ensures a sustainable solution combined with all the typical diaphragm pump advantages. Because it is electrically-driven, no expensive compressed air is required. This contributes to the overall lower energy consumption of this pump series.

In these diaphragm pumps, the fluid moves through the pump horizontally. The electric drive ensures the reciprocating movement of the diaphragms so that the diaphragm chambers are alternately filled and pressed. This pump design utilises flapper valves instead of ball valves. Overall, this ensures the speed of the fluid, and the energy efficiency of these pumps is optimal.

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