Werner Pumps, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure jetting equipment in South Africa, has expanded its service offering to customers by making one of its combination jetting and vacuum truck units available for rental.
“We realise that the long lead times on vehicles affect customers’ businesses,” says Sebastian Werner, MD of Werner Pumps. “Whether you import a unit or you order one from a local manufacturer like us and have it built to your own spec, you’re looking at a few months before you receive the truck. To help our customers bridge the gap, we decided to make one of our Impi Combi units, a premium quality, locally-manufactured unit, available for hire.
“This means that customers can call on us for a rental unit when their own trucks are being serviced, or while they are waiting on delivery, and their businesses can keep operating as usual, without any downtime.”
The Impi Unit offers a tilting 12 500-litre, 304 stainless steel tank, with a hydraulically-driven high-pressure pump capacity of 295 l/min at 135 bar, and a vacuum pump with 1850 m³/hr suction capability. The high-pressure pump is fitted with a pneumatically operated regulating valve, making infinite pressure adjustment possible, thus increasing the safety of the operator during use.
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