(Left) Quintin Bianchina, Business Development Representative and (right) Jonathan Mckey, Projects & Business Development Manager at SEW-Eurodrive.

Global drive technology and automation leader, SEW-Eurodrive has developed a purpose-built 2-stage gear unit series solution, the MACC series, specifically for Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC). Air condensers are the preferred solution for dry cooling towers in a range of industries including power stations, refineries, petrochemical plants and even paper mills.

SEW-Eurodrive’s MACC solution features maintenance brakes, oil filtration on all units and a robust reinforced housing. Internal reinforced bearing systems and custom output shafts have been designed to suit precise client requirements.

The solution is reliable, powerful, and quiet. Its efficient design allows it to meet the exact technical specifications of a wide variety of application demands including high torque, fan impeller loads and an extensive speed range including wind milling, low noise levels and reinforced support of motor weights and sizes.

The MACC range offers a high thermal capacity due to a large housing, cooling ribs, optimised oil level and oil circulation as well as a low noise axial cooling fan as an option for increased thermal capacity. In addition, a reliable surface treatment is available for aggressive environmental conditions.

The solution has the benefit of offering all the necessary optional accessories in a manner that is maintenance friendly and which is accessible from the walkway on the fan bridge.

SEW-Eurodrive already has several of these units currently in operation globally. In South Africa it recently supplied six MACC series helical gear units to a local electricity utility. The six MACC09 units are the largest size in the range supplied to date globally, reports Jonathan McKey. The drop-in solution, he adds, provides clients with a convenient plug-and-play option, in addition to providing improved reliability.

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