Werner Pumps, a South African company specializing in design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of high-pressure jetting equipment, is positioned to meet the requirements of customers beyond the borders of South Africa.

With interest in its products from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia, the company is actively investigating opportunities throughout the African continent.
Managing Director, Sebastian Werner, says that given the performance o

many emerging market currencies in the wake of COVID-19 against the US dollar or the euro, Werner Pumps is able to offer competitive pricing structures.

“We also manufacture our units 100% in South Africa, and we have a better understanding of operations on the continent than say a manufacturer in China or Europe that exports their equipment here.

“Our equipment is an African solution for an African environment, and is built to be robust and easy to maintain. We are also able to custom-make to fit specific chassis types, or per customers’ requirements, which is a competitive advantage for us.”

Werner Pumps is able to tailor high-pressure jetting and vacuum equipment for a wide range of industries and requirements, whether for an oil refinery in Nigeria or a sewerage maintenance contractor in Namibia.

“Our units are fully customisable, and we are always willing to adapt to our customers’ needs,” says Sebastian. “For example, we are able to offer fully electronic units, which means that the jetting or vacuuming operator can work with a wireless remote, and we can even supply what’s known as an ‘explosion-proof’ jetting unit for refinery applications.”

Werner Pumps offers an in-house design service to facilitate the customisation process, and offers training to local and international clients at its premises in Gauteng, South Africa, as well as sending a trained operator to check on the equipment on-site if required.

Aside from its in-house manufacturing capabilities, Werner Pumps specialises in the supply and maintenance of high-pressure jetting equipment, German high-pressure pumps, high-pressure sewer cleaning hoses, Swiss-engineered Nozzles by ENZ, and high-pressure guns, lances and cleaning equipment.

Contact: Sebastian Werner
Tel: 011 362 6280
email: sebastian@wernerpumps.com
Contact: Karien Gresse
Tel: 011 362 6280
email: karien@wernerpumps.com