Some of our companies are working through the annual December/January break in a bid to catch-up on lost production due to Covid, some are taking their usual three weeks’ break after what can only be described as a very hard year, and some are doing a combination of both as equipment needs maintaining no matter the circumstances.

Irrespective, I think I can speak for all of us that 2020 has been an unprecedented year with reverberations going to be felt into 2021.

In almost all cases, this year has brought out the best in the industry. Our ingenuity, fortitude, and ‘can-do’ approach have got us through. Fortunately, we’ve seen very few companies close down, rather we have been able to admire the many who have, on balance, managed to thrive.

I, and everybody at SAIMechE, wish all our members and readers a peaceful and safe year-end. We look forward to catching up again with you in January.

Uncel Mhelembe
General Manager