Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd has recently launched the new range of Kito RX wire rope hoists in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa and has sold its first unit to a processing plant in Rustenburg area. “This 10ton 525V with 25m lift Kito RX wire rope hoist will be supplied by our distributor in the Rustenburg region, Tech North, to a processing plant in the platinum area, for use in maintenance procedures and the installation of new equipment in the plant,” explains Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager (SGM) for consumables, Becker Mining SA. 

“Our new Kito RX wire rope hoists have been developed with a robust design and advanced technology, for dependable operation and extended service life in tough conditions. These flexible hoists are adaptable for use in conjunction with existing cranes and machinery and all components are easily accessible for ease of maintenance.

Dependable operation

“RX wire rope hoists are suitable for the use in many industrial applications, including production plants, plant engineering, production lines and workshops, as well as ship building and maintenance.”

The Kito RX range, with lifting capacities between 1 000kg and 50 000kg, is available in units with two or four rope strands, reeving 2/1, 4/1 and 4/2. These hoists have lifting speeds from 1.5m/min to 12m/min, with the option of single-speed, two-speed, and frequency-control. 

Enhanced safety

Features include 380 – 440V / 50 – 60Hz / 3 phases, Insulation Class: IP 55 (standard) or IP 66 (optional) and a control voltage of 42 V, 110 V, 24 V, 48 V or 230 V (optional). These hoists are powered by a three-phase asynchronous motor or the option of a sliding anchor motor. A planetary gearbox ensures optimum power transmission between the hoist motor and rope drum.

For enhanced safety, an electromagnetic disc brake acts directly on the rotor shaft for effective braking force. Electronic overload protection, with two adjustable levels, offers protection to the hoist and all its components from overloading (Performance Level C). There is also integrated overheating protection for the motor.

Rope guide

A notable design feature includes the rope guide that consists of two parts – the guide ring and tension spring. The tension spring ensures that the rope lies correctly in the drum groove, while the guide ring always maintains the rope in the correct position, preventing it from coming off the drum groove. By moving the guide ring along the drum, limit switches are activated for the highest and lowest hook positions. 

The double-girder trolley is equipped with double-flange wheels, all with high quality ball bearings. This construction, where driven wheels are connected directly to the self-braking gear motor, ensures efficient power transmission between the running wheels and the trolley rail. This design also ensures extended service life, reduced wear and low maintenance requirements.


Trolley construction comprises a standard headroom monorail design that enables the hoist to operate directly under and parallel with, the crane or runway beam. The hoist is directly connected to the trolley and all components are easily accessible for ease of maintenance.

Hoists available in this range include a foot mounted hoist without a trolley, designed for lifting capacities from 1 000kg to 50 000kg and a hoist with a standard headroom monorail trolley, for capacities from 1 000kg to 32 000kg. Double girder trolleys are suitable for capacities from 1 000kg up to 32 000kg, either supported or suspended, version S2-S4. 

Units are available only in supported execution, for capacities from 20 000kg up to 25 000kg two rope falls, and for capacities from 40 000kg to 50 000kg, four rope falls. Units are also supplied as a double hoist, with capacities up to 100 000kg. The low headroom monorail hoist trolley is designed for capacities from 1 000kg to 16 000kg.

Application requirements

There are many options available to suit specific application requirements. These include radio remote control, customised painting and festoon cable systems. User can also choose load spectrum monitoring and synchronisation, load display, summation and measurement, as well as anti-sway control.

Becker Mining also supplies a full range of Kito accessories, designed to enhance performance of Kito hoists. These components include universal trolleys, available in plain or hand-geared configurations, to provide smooth, precise and easy traversing and positioning. The company offers a technical advisory, repair, test and back-up service for the Kito range throughout Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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