The XRHS 650 PACE, part of Atlas Copco’s XAS boX range, delivers an unparalleled air compressor solution for blast hole and water well drilling applications in the mining and quarrying sectors in terms of performance, efficiency, reliability, versatility and serviceability. 

These optimised size-to-flow XAS boX air compressors deliver a size, flow and fuel efficiency trio that is unequalled in the market. 

“And with the introduction of PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology we have raised the efficiency bar even higher,” says David Stanford, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique. 

Digital controller

“As the name suggests, this intuitive electronic pressure regulation system, which is programmed via a digital controller, brings a wider operating pressure range and allows multiple pressure and flow combinations within a single compressor, further optimising compressor efficiency, especially at partial load or idle status. 

“This smart technology enables customers to cost-efficiently cover the application needs of, on average, three fixed pressure compressors with only one machine, subsequently increasing utilisation, improving fuel economy as well as autonomy!” emphasises David. 

“Furthermore, the versatility of three machines in one package reduces both Capex and Opex delivering lowest overall total cost of ownership to end customers.” In addition to the XRHS 650, PACE is available on the XAHS 400, XAVS 600, XAHS700 and XATS850 machines in the XAS boX range.

When it comes to ruggedness, these machines are simply second-to-none. Featuring a standard operating temperature range of -10° to +50°C, high altitudes of up to 4 500m and dusty, hot or cold environments present no challenge for the XRHS 650 PACE; its efficient, optimal and reliable performance remains uncompromised. 

Machine serviceability for optimised utilisation is another primary engineering focus point for Atlas Copco. The XRHS 650 PACE boasts a service interval of 1 000 hours for the compressor and 500 hours for the engine. In addition, a simple vessel cover and easy-to-reach components further facilitate servicing and maintenance, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

With one of the smallest footprints in the market, the compact XRHS 650 PACE is easy to transport and maneuver around the job site, boosting uptime and productivity.