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Having started life as a traditional magazine publisher, Promech Publishing has had the privilege of producing “The SA Mechanical Engineer” in print for many years. The publication is the official journal of The SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering and is endorsed by a number of associated bodies. The publication enjoyed a successful run and was well-respected by members and readers at large. But the internet waits for no man. As a result, both Promech and SAIMechE have now fully bid magazine publishing farewell and embraced the digital space.

As always, however, two business principles remain unchanged – you need good content going to qualified readers. We stay in touch through the web and our twice-monthly newsletters. Of immense value is the continued endorsement of SAIMechE as well as other bodies in the industry, viz, the Consulting Engineers South Africa, The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, SA Association for Energy Efficiency, SA Capital Equipment Export Council, SA Institute of Tribology, SA Pump Manufacturers Association, SA Valve and Actuators Manufacturers Association, Valve & Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa.

The SAMechEng newsletter enjoys an unprecedented, bona fide reach through being mailed to these bodies’ databases in addition to the one built up by Promech Publishing over the years.

While some may bemoan the closing down of print and its stop-gap measure, the digimag (ezine), there are many more clear advantages to online: immediacy; topical; accessible anytime, anywhere; easier to share and save, etc.

Let’s all paint together on a broader canvas!