BMG’s Tools & Equipment division supplies and supports an extensive range of welding products and systems, which enhance efficiencies and ensure safety during metal working in all business sectors.

Says Andrew Johns, business unit manager, Tools and Equipment division, BMG: “Our welding products and services are tailored to meet specific customer requirements and include carefully-selected fume extraction products, designed to reduce risks associated with welding and cutting fumes, grinding dust and oil mist.”

The company’s portfolio of welding related products also comprises a wide range of inverter welders, accessories, electrodes, welding wire and personal protection equipment (PPE).

“To enhance our services to the metal manufacturing industry, we have extended our range to now include Jasic welding equipment and tools. Jasic is a leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions, that represent value, reliability, durability and innovation,” adds Andrew.

BMG’s range of Jasic welding equipment comprises arc inverter welders, tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), metal active gas (MAG) welders and plasma cutters. These products include manual metal arc (MMA) welders 140 amps to 630 amps, DC TIG inverters 180 amps to 400 amp water cooled pulse units, AC/DC TIG units 200 amp to 500 amp water cooled pulse units and MIG/MAG inverters 160 amp to 500 amp dual pulse water cooled units.

Plasma cutters cut 45 amp to cut 160 amp hand-held units, or complete with CNC capabilities, are also available.

BMG specialists work closely with every customer to ensure the selection of the correct equipment and appropriate and safe use of each system.

All Jasic components are subjected to rigorous testing, including vibration and drop, waterproof, safety, comprehensive parameter and EMC tests, as well as harmonic wave and flicker testing. BMG supports all Jasic welding products with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

BMG’s welding products and services are tailored to meet specific customer requirements and encompass dependable welding and cutting processes, welding fume extraction and filtration systems, as well PPE, safety equipment and general accessories.

Andrew Johns
Tel : (011) 620-7329