KSB’s global specialist, Emilio de Paz

KSB Pumps and Valves in South Africa again made its expertise available to local municipalities and water authorities following a fact-finding visit by KSB’s global specialist, Emilio de Paz, late last year. He visited and assessed a number of plants and sub-stations across the country. Where possible the team also provided input to overcome some of the problems faced at the sites through easy-to-implement preliminary solutions.

 “We visited a number of sites across the country over two-months culminating in a two-day conference including role-players from disaster-hit eThekwini and further afield in KwaZulu Natal. Municipal and consulting engineers, as well as specialists from a number of water and waste water utilities were in attendance,” says Emilio.

Countrywide tour

 “We covered many topics and shared the latest findings from operations across the globe, including complex systems in countries like China, Indonesia and Mexico among others. Topics ranged from general subject matter to highly technical issues such as water hammer, cavitation and free passage of pumping systems. The design of pump stations and sumps etc for maximum efficiency. Reliability was also covered.

“Right now KSB is one of the only suppliers in the country that can provide the resources and expertise to ensure our potable and waste water infrastructure can be maximised and upgraded wherever serious problems occur. In some instances big gains can be made with comparatively small changes and in these instances, we can assist with immediate remedial action,” Emilio asserts.

Eager participation

KSB Pumps and Valves’ Hugo du Plessis, acting Market Area Manager – Water, Wastewater and Irrigation, says the two-day conference was attended by more than 100 people with 85 onsite and 24 online participants on day one with nearly all returning the following day, which indicates the quality of the information shared.

“Emilio delivered a hard-hitting technical presentation on ‘Wastewater Pump Station Design’ on day one and followed-up with an equally informative presentation on ‘Water Transport Systems’ on the last day. This type of knowledge is hard to find and visits like this help us to share knowledge across the country and ensure our customers have access to the highest possible expertise when dealing with water distribution and waste water issues.” 

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