Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Challenges Met

BMG’s Nord-Lock bolting solutions include Boltight hydraulic bolt tensioning tools, which can be used to tighten bolts simultaneously, ensuring even preload in industrial applications and extreme environments, where bolt load accuracy is critical. “BMG specialists work closely with customers in numerous industries to meet challenging bolting requirements. We offer a wide range of standard and […]

Efficient Filtration Critical in Hydraulic Systems

“Hydraulic systems, which operate under extremely high pressures with tight tolerances, are susceptible to wear from abrasive particles and therefore require efficient filtration to offer adequate protection of equipment,” advises Hanli Schutte, Product Specialist Industrial Filtration, BMG.  “Contaminants can enter the hydraulic system from several sources such as the manufacturing process of system components or […]

Unique Adjustable Level Switch  

A new Simple R1-M.B77 adjustable level control switch for the monitoring of liquids for both industrial and civil, has been launched by Val.Co. Jan Grobler, MD of GHM Messtechnik South Africa comments, “This product offers the customer a unique feature inasmuch that the rod, which comes in lengths of either 1 metre or 500 mm, […]

Fabulous Filters

BMG’s fluid technology services include solutions for hydraulics and pneumatics, lubrication, fuel and industrial filtration systems, hydraulic hose and fittings, as well as instrumentation, pumps and industrial valves.“The range encompasses FG EcoPart filter elements for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems from the Filtration Group.These components, with defined filter performance and purity class, comply with stringent […]