Highest Standard Cleaner Concentrate

Fuchs Lubricants has launched a heavy duty water-based cleaner concentrate for the food and pharmaceutical processing industry that is solvent free, readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Dry and Fluid Friction

Friction and lubrication are concepts that most people understand, but probably rarely think about. Yet both are central to various aspects of everyday life.

Virtually Maintenance-free Rope Sheaves

Rope sheaves in the pulp and paper industry are notorious for frequently causing maintenance problems at paper mills, leading to unscheduled shutdowns that negatively affect production levels and drive up costs,” notes Frans Odendaal, SKF Product Manager – Power Transmission.

A Quick Viscosity Test Kit

Condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, recently launched a quick, cost-effective viscosity test kit known as the WearCheck Rheo-stick. Technical manager Steven Lumley, elaborates, “It is important to know the viscosity (thickness) of a lubricant because this determines its film strength and its efficiency in preventing friction between moving parts. Thick oil has a high viscosity, and […]

Investment In Lubricants Plant

Fuchs Lubricants South Africa, a subsidiary of Fuchs Petrolub SE in Germany, has announced an investment of just over R250 million in South Africa for the purchase of land and the development of the site for a warehouse, office complex and lubricants plant. The project duration is 17 months and is expected to be completed […]

Tribological Challenges At The Railway Wheel-Rail Interface

Contact at the railway wheel-rail interface results in a fascinating array of problems and challenges to the Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineer.All of these challenges occur in an area typically as big as a South African R1 coin. Contact in this area can be classified as an open tribological system with a constantly changing environment and […]