Common Failures in Plain Bearings

Plain bearings are often used in intensive applications because of their ability to operate for a long time under heavy loads and their low maintenance needs, even in harsh operating conditions. Despite this, their resilience doesn’t mean that they are immune to failure. Some of the common causes of plain bearings failures include metal fatigue, […]

Local Blending after a Decade

An extension of the localisation partnership between global brand ExxonMobil and African Group Lubricants (AGL) holds the promise of an abundant harvest for South Africa’s agricultural sector. In May, Stats SA reported that in the first quarter of 2023 more than 888 000 people were employed in primary agriculture, up 5% year on year. The agricultural sector […]

Lubrication Equipment Mechanic Certificates  

SKF SA has awarded Mechanic Artisan Certificates to the first group of 20 artisans who have successfully passed the Lubrication Equipment Qualification. SKF South Africa is a QCTO (Quality Council of Trades and Occupation) approved Skills Development Provider and Trade Test Centre capable of conducting specialised mechanical engineering training, apprenticeship training, ARPL assessments and trade […]

It is not Key Performance Sticks (Indicators)!

“How would I go about cleaning up (organising) my reliability programme results. In my experience it is best to SPEAK about it, due to this I chose to guide you on SPEAKING about results,” says Jan-Daniel Cruywagen; Southern African Institute of Tribology member. Using the word SPEAK as the theme to guide you on how […]

Breakthrough in Linear Technology

A breakthrough in tribological plastics has resulted in a new sliding material that has a friction coefficient that is up to 40 percent better than standard materials with a coefficient expanded from the classic 2:1 rule to 3:1. Developed by igus, iglidur E3 assists in maximising the service life of linear guides while keeping the […]

World’s First Urban Bike in Plastic

While sitting on a beach on holiday, the idea of a plastic bike first came to Frank Blase, igus CEO. In conversations with employees of a bicycle rental company on the beach, he found out that their beach bikes were continuously exposed to sand, wind and saltwater and sometimes only lasted three months before they […]

Innovative Tank Farm Solution 

Holistic, cost-effective and efficient liquid fuel storage solutions to meet Africa’s ongoing need for the responsible and safe storage of this critical resource have been developed by thyssenkrupp Uhde. Nithesh Mohun, Senior Sales Engineer, explains that while the ‘Go Green’ and ’De-fossilisation’ drives are in high gear worldwide, the immediate need for fuel resources in […]

Dual-purpose Fuel Caps

Protectoseal fuel tank safety caps, available in southern Africa from Energas Technologies, serve as a dual-purpose device for pressure/vacuum relief as well as a flash arrester in fuel tank openings of gasoline or diesel-powered equipment such as industrial trucks, forklifts, tractors and airport support ground equipment.    Among the major sources of emissions in diesel-powered […]

Sir Donald Campbell – My Part in his Downfall

Sir Donald Campbell CBE and his father Sir Malcolm were revered for repeatedly breaking speed records. Sir Malcom held thirteen and Sir Donald broke eight world speed records on water and on land; Donald is the only person to ever set the world speed record on water and land in the same year (1964).

Highest Standard Cleaner Concentrate

Fuchs Lubricants has launched a heavy duty water-based cleaner concentrate for the food and pharmaceutical processing industry that is solvent free, readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.