Aquamarine Water Solutions, a wholly South African company and independent business unit within the Murray & Roberts stable, introduced its expanded water treatment solutions offering in late 2019.
The company’s mission of empowering Africa with technology-driven water solutions is intended to help overcome water scarcity on the continent and simultaneously provide quality water tailored to customers’ specific requirements. To achieve this, the company has partnered with local and multinational technology partners who specialise in water-related solutions.
This allows Aquamarine to ensure quality in all its offerings; proffer expert advice to customers with regards to component application use; repair and service equipment when required, and uphold the technology owners’ warranties.
The company’s complete water solutions offering includes made-to-order and standardised solutions for brackish and seawater treatment. This encompasses the manufacture and installation of containerised and skid-mounted water treatment plants, the provision of chemicals (reverse osmosis, cooling and boiler); componentry; operation and maintenance of plants, as well as risk-dependent finance for any of its projects. 
“This offering, when combined with the benefits of our partnerships, puts us on a trajectory to provide greater value for our customers,” says Aquamarine Water Solutions Head, Clive Govender. 
Aquamarine Water Solutions 
Clive Govender
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