Critical pumps in the provision of water and sanitation services, as well as pumps used in the generation of electricity continue to be fully supported during the nationwide Covid-19 lock down period.
Major supplier, KSB Pumps and Valves company spokesman, David Jones, regional sales manager for sub-Saharan Africa, says the company supplies largescale pumps for the distribution of potable water to the entire southern African region.
“During this time of crisis, we will do everything in our power to support our water utilities and municipalities water infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted supply of clean water to all communities.
“The same applies to sanitation services where wastewater and sewerage handling is equally important to fight diseases and infection. Our workmen, technicians and engineers are on round-the-clock standby to ensure that pumps in these services run smoothly.”
David adds that KSB Pumps and Valves has also played a crucial role in retrofitting and rejuvenating old pumps and steam valves in Eskom’s power station fleet in order to keep the country’s lights burning.
Along with its modern equipment in newer power stations, the company’s full support and vast expertise will be critical to ensure uninterrupted power during the shutdown.
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