Atlas Copco Power Technique, in collaboration with long-standing distributor, Airlif Compressors & Pumps, has delivered an economical compressed air solution to an opencast mine customer in Mpumalanga. The Atlas Copco U110Pace has been specially engineered for smooth and secure integration onto a utility vehicle on mine and construction sites. 

Airlif Compressors supplied the U110PACE to the service vehicle manufacturer who was responsible for mounting the unit on to a refurbished water bowser. Says Airlif Compressors sales representative, FC Basson, “In accordance with the mine customer’s requirements, the water tank has been converted into a complete service unit.” He points out that this particular configuration is currently only being used in the mining sector, predominantly on open cast mines.

Doing the job of two

He goes on to describe the U110Pace as a very handy piece of equipment that contributes to more efficient processes on the mine site, subsequently increasing uptime and productivity for the end-user. “The unit seamlessly meets various compressed air requirements across multiple locations on opencast mines. In addition to the pumping of oil, diesel and grease, the compressor  provides air for a variety of applications in the field such as powering pneumatic tools for repairing equipment, pumping tyres and cleaning work areas,” 

“In addition to its compact size and robustness, the machine’s innovative PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology is most impressive,” claims FC. “As different pneumatic tools require different loads, the smart Pace software allows operators to access the electric engine to control pressure and flow settings. This essentially means that the U110Pace is able to do the job of two compressors to meet several different compressed air requirements, delivering substantial capex savings and a rapid return on investment.”

Seamlessly between sites

“This unit fits the requirement perfectly; we always have enough air and when we need to adjust the pressure, we can do so thanks to the Pace controller. In a nutshell, we get to choose our pressure rating as we see fit and where the application demands it!”

The unit is easy to move, lift and mount onto service vehicles and utility trucks. “Using a mobile compressor, end-users are able to seamlessly move between sites and conveniently have access to compressed air for applications even in remote and difficult-to-reach area. Moreover, with a 10% smaller footprint on average compared with other machines, the U110Pace is extremely fuel efficient and boasts a short approximate one hour service time. In addition to reduced downtime, end-users benefit from lower transport costs,” FC concludes.

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