Used as part of a condition monitoring solution, the SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX quickly and accurately detects issues with rotating machinery

Building on decades of experience supporting customers to optimise their maintenance activities based on condition monitoring, SKF has just released its new Microlog Analyzer dBX that offers faster measurement collection and greater diagnostic power. “This is a powerful tool for standalone troubleshooting as well as being part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance programme,” says Janne Westerlund, Director Services & Technologies EMEA at SKF. 

This unique portable solution coupled with analytic software significantly improves the maintenance scheduling of rotating machines establishing the right and fast diagnostic thanks to its embedded features. When used as part of a condition monitoring solution, it can detect issues with rotating machinery quickly and accurately.

Three times faster

“Our new SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX takes measurement with our MPA-in-a-flash method, which makes the device extremely powerful” adds Janne. “Multi-Point Acquisition (MPA) is our fastest vibration analysis method. It is typically three times faster than the previous Microlog series, saving customers time when taking measurements and making data collection more efficient.”

The device allows the user to carry out a range of tasks including impact tests, digital recording, modal analysis, multi-plane balancing and cross channel phase. It can be applied in any type of industries including pulp & paper, food & beverage, renewable energy, mining, off-highway, metals, automation and marine.

The SKF Microlog Analyzer dBX is backwards compatible with SKF’s proven existing Microlog CMXA Series and adds new technology including a high-resolution, 10.1- inch screen that can display up to six measurement windows at the same time, and an embedded camera. Furthermore, it features a hybrid touch and keypad control as well as a simplified navigation, making it more comfortable and easier to use.

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