World leading pump manufacturer, KSB, is on a drive to further strengthen its mine pump offerings by combining pooled resources of its global design and manufacturing hubs to deliver the best possible products and services to its customers more quickly.
As part of its worldwide Climb 21 initiative the group recently convened a KSB global mining meeting to set the stage for the new program. The meeting included all the key companies and countries involved in KSB mining including managing directors from Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Australia, Canada, USA and others.
According to South Africa’s David Jones, the regional sales and head of mining of KSB Pumps and Valves, the meeting served as an introduction of the Global mining team and strategic alignment between all manufacturing plants, establishing common activities and measures for the future, including hard rock mining, industrial mineral and dredge mining.
It also represented the first time that the giant organisation’s decision-makers had the opportunity to meet each other face to face and provide opportunities to network and get to know each other to improve communications. There was also an opportunity to visit the upgraded facility at the company’s GIW plant which showcased the new foundry as well as the impressive new machining capabilities of the flagship mining pump plant. 
“Our South African operation was well represented by Peter Weber, managing director, Clinton Harris, operations manager and myself. We believe KSB South Africa should be part of the global supply chain for mining products produced in South Africa which will be a huge benefit for our company and the country.
“The local market can also expect new product technologies to arise as a result of the closer cooperation, including new products and special materials in future. As part of the global team there will also be even better sales and support for the local market in future,” says David. 
He concludes that the rollout and development of these will happen within the next few months but other benefits will be seen immediately and initiatives like the company’s “Slurry Champion” program will be re-introduced to recognise service excellence of its employees in the mining industry.