Atlas Copco has announced an upgrade of its SmartLink remote monitoring system with the release of SmartLink 2.0 as well as the development of the new SmartLink mobile App. Customers are able to optimise their compressed air installation’s operational performance by having complete, easily actionable IoT-driven insights at their fingertips.

The provenSmartLink all-in connectivity platform is a web portal that tracks all the vital signs of Atlas Copco air compressors, self-diagnoses the machines and uploads the data automatically to servers in the cloud. Add to this the new SmartLink App and users now have everything they need to keep a close eye on their compressed air equipment with all the relevant information available to them on smart mobile devices anywhere and at any time.

Max Larue, Business Line Manager at Compressor Technique Service Division, explains the difference between the SmartLink portal and the SmartLink app. “The web portal essentially provides access to all features and benefits, whereas the App is focused on getting key information right into end-users’ hands.” 


The tailored SmartLink 2.0 compressor monitoring service programme gathers, compares and analysis data on the fly via the easy-to-install, integrated, wireless Smartbox with 24/7 connectivity. SmartLink actively monitors all the available data points on the compressed air equipment and makes intelligent assessments, sending the information from all installations to one server. 

Users are able to view parameters such as uptime, energy efficiency, equipment health, recommendations, and service timelines on their mobile devices. SmartLink 2.0’s new, simple dashboards with an enhanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) increase user interaction with their air compressor systems and present information on ‘events’ such as potential failure, pressure drops and required maintenance, in such a way that makes them quicker to action.  

Three levels

In keeping with Atlas Copco’s original SmartLink 1.0 concept, SmartLink 2.0 gives compressor system users the option of selecting from three levels of remote data monitoring (SmartLink Service, SmartLink Uptime and SmartLink Energy) to determine the amount of interactive information they receive.

Max weighs in on why it is important for users to know the health and status of their compressed air systems at all times through continuous tracking of equipment vitals. “There are many lucrative advantages that are focused on savings across operational processes. SmartLink 2.0 provides customised reports that uncover potential energy savings as well as potential problems and makes recommendations. 

Overall health

“The programme prompts timeous action, reducing the risk of catastrophic failures, improving the overall health of the compressed air system and ultimately, increasing machine and plant uptime.” Compressor efficiency can assist air users in realising potential savings of up to 30%.

He confirms that any Atlas Copco machine can be added by serial number through the SmartLink App. Max also explains that machines don’t have to be connected to access all available information. He does recommend however that in order to get the most out of SmartLink, the air compressors should be connected to the SmartLink cloud. “Registration to use the SmartLink App is free and time to set up the dashboard is the only investment a customer will need to make.”

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