A platinum mine in South Africa was facing lubrication problems on their agitators. The mine, which is located in the north-west, was looking for a reliable dual solution that would not only ensure that lubrication on their agitators is carried out correctly, but that it is also done on time. 

“Lubrication is fundamental to high equipment availability and subsequent plant uptime, but just as important as the choice of the lubrication itself, is the application of the right amount of lube at the right time,” notes Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager – MaPro. He adds that over-lubrication is both costly and wasteful while under-lubrication can result in equipment failure.

SKF SA’s authorised distributor, Bolt & Engineering Distributors (Group) (B.E.D.) in Rustenburg approached SKF to provide a quote for the supply of System 24, including fitment of the units onto agitators. ”The solution also required the fabrication of specialised mounting brackets. Recognising the value of System 24 and the potential in realising significant savings from both a time and cost perspective, the mine customer accepted the quote,” says Eddie. 

The mine has reported that B.E.D. has successfully resolved their lubrication issues, so much so that they have requested further quotes for similar lubrication solutions on other parts of the plant. 

“We anticipate that the customer will require further lubrication solutions as the mine continues to expand. Alongside strengthening our relationship with our authorised distributor, going forward, we are also now able to produce the specialised mounting brackets for other projects. Owing to B.E.D. Rustenburg’s outstanding service, we have a very satisfied customer,” Eddie concludes.


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