Says Ryan Robertson, Vert Energy’s Sales and Marketing Director, “The main focus of our business is on electric power generation, by delivering solutions to marine and land-based applications. Our range of products are used in diesel, petrol, gas, steam, hydro and PV-hybrid applications. One of the strongest drivers in our product selection has been to opt for environmentally-conscious class rated products that optimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions and boost energy savings across our diesel and petrol engine ranges. 

“Our team of service engineers and product specialists offer a dependable technical advisory service when product selection is required and a skilled engineering support service to ensure a seamless power generation experience from purchase to commissioning, thus ensuring every system performs to exact sites requirements.” 

Throughout Southern Africa

Vert Energy’s maintenance and repair service to customers throughout Africa ensures all systems operate at peak performance for an extended service life. Qualified and experienced technicians travel throughout Southern Africa and the rest of Africa to service small and large generators. The team has recently completed projects in Rwanda and Madagascar.

Vert Energy’s range of quality branded products includes AGG and Yanmar engines, Leroy Somer EPG, NSM 2 pole alternators for portable products, DEIF power management controllers, lighting towers and load banks. 

Tier3 engine a first

The first half of 2023 has seen further product launches within the portfolio of AGG diesel engines, offering a range that extends from 16kW to 800kW. The company also introduced the AS25000 series of diesel engines to the market in February this year. These engines deliver optimised power, from 500kW to 800kW and feature Tier3 Emission compliance as a standard. 

The delivery of a Tier3 engine is a first, where most other products in this power band are sold as a non-regulated emission engines, with an additional charge for emission optimised engines.  

Own range

Although South African legislation does not enforce these standards as strictly as other countries in Europe and Asia, Vert Energy has pursued this strategy in line with its environmentally-conscious approach. The company has received positive feedback from OEM’s and end users who use AS25000 engines in applications like mining, retail, industrial and water treatment facilities, achieving results of excellent load acceptance and fuel efficiency.   

Vert Energy has also launched its own range of Vert Industrial Power Products. The extensive range of power products, available in both diesel and petrol options, offers the maximum permissible power output, ensuring optimum performance and efficient fuel consumption.

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