Efficient Pinch Valves

Included in BMG’s extensive portfolio of industrial slurry valves is a range of pinch valves, which have been developed to control the flow of liquids, powders, solids and abrasives in many industries. Explains Willie Lamprecht, Sales Manager, Fluid Technology division, BMG, “Pinch valves have been added to our product offering, enhancing our wide range of […]

Zinc and Wastewater Plants

Zinc coatings are an effective corrosion protection method for wastewater treatment plants as they are compatible with a range of metal materials when coated onto steel. Zinc is resistant to various corrosive agents present in wastewater, provided it is duplex coated with a powerful organic coating. Zinc can withstand high temperatures and pressures and mechanical […]

 Analysing an Oil Filter

Used oil filters provide lots of clues about the oil condition. Inspecting a dissected filter reveals information about the filter itself when looking for collapsed media, bad seals or weak points that developed during use. The debris remaining in the used filter also indicates important facts about the machine’s health. Here, we discuss three different […]

First E-Air Electric Compressor in Africa

“Our customer needed an efficient air solution for their sandblasting and painting workshop that operates 24/7 on a mine site,” explains Aina Rajaonarivelo, Miscellaneous Equipment Sales Manager at HFF. “Air is required to simultaneously operate two sandblasters that individually consume 6 000 litres/minute (210cfm), subsequently requiring 6 bar permanently. Special requirements sometimes also demand the […]

Offering the Full Beneficiation Solution

The minerals processing industry in Africa is due for a shake-up following news of the acquisition of heavyweight minerals processing equipment manufacturer, McNally Sayaji Equipment Ltd, by global mill liner and wear parts manufacturer, Tega Group, to offer a more comprehensive and cost-effective solution for the continent’s beneficiation plants.  Rebranded Tega McNally Minerals Limited (TML), […]

Diesel Quality and its Importance

The quality of the diesel in South Africa is often a topic of hot debate. One of the first things to identify, is what we mean by ‘quality diesel’ – let us not confuse poor quality with dirty, wet or adulterated fuel. It is extremely unlikely that a single drop of diesel leaving South Africa’s […]

It’s all in the Bearings

BMG’s focus on optimising productivity, minimising downtime and reducing operational costs for companies in all sectors, encompasses a total solutions service.

Service Extended to Namibia and Kenya 

Verder Pumps South Africa has confirmed the addition of two new distribution partners that will see the company expand its footprint and network in Namibia and Kenya,

Versatile Amphibious Pumps

Amphibious heavy-duty pumps like the Toyo VH range, available from IPR, are designed to operate effectively in challenging environments where versatility and durability are paramount.

Steam Boilers for Rental Fleet

A steam boiler, which is essentially a water-containing vessel that transfers heat from a fuel source into steam, is used for a variety of applications. In addition to steam cleaning, the most common use, it can also be utilised for mud transfer, effluent and chemical heating, as well as to run process equipment.  “The fact […]