Stamping Body Parts Brought In-house

Ford Motor Company’s R15.8-billion investment in its Silverton Assembly Plant operations in Pretoria is coming to fruition, with the completion of one of its largest and most ambitious projects to date – the high-tech new Stamping Plant, which is now in operation. The vast facility measures a staggering 10 320m2, equivalent to almost 1.5-times the […]

Robot Loading System

Before it developed Elevate, Cellro had already had success with Xcelerate, a flexible automation solution. Xcelerate offers customers flexibility when automating small to medium-sized series. However, it seemed that there was also an increasing demand for a loading system with a larger storage capacity. This was particularly true of machining companies which make their own […]

Minding The Gaps To Protect Industrial PLCs From Cyber Threats

PLCs, designed to control machinery and specific processes, were never built with cybersecurity threats in mind and protecting PLCs against these threats requires healthy isolation from the World Wide Web. With the change in how industrial machines communicate within a network came new risks. Systems that were isolated in the past are now visible on […]

The Factory of Tomorrow

Many still believe that man and robots can only work against each other or, if need be, side by side; moreover, there is still a fear that machines will replace human workers. However, the coexistence of human workers and automated machine solutions and robots has become commonplace in more and more companies. But that’s not […]

Robots In The Time of COVID-19

As the world moves towards a different tomorrow, future-orientated solutions won’t merely be an option for industries but an absolute necessity. Robotics and automation technology are already playing a pivotal role in the health sector but they’re about to extend further into other industries faster than anyone could have predicted. “The automotive industry has always […]