Baseload may not be base load

Baseload electrical energy is, for the purpose of this article, energy that is readily dispatchable at a predictable energy availability factor level (EAF). The primary energy that enables dispatchability and predictable EAF are nuclear and fossil fuel.  The most compelling aspect of baseload that need consideration is that, power generation must be relatively continuous. Baseload […]

EV’s: Guidance on Charging Stations

The transportation sector is moving from using fossil fuel propelled internal combustion engines (ICE) to using electric motors driven vehicles. This migration is universally deemed an environmental imperative which will affect the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and limit the rate of global climate change. EU has committed to banning ICE vehicle sales by 2035. […]

African Prospects and Opportunities

SAIMechE CEO, Uncel Mhlemebe, recently attended a morning breakfast to commemorate electro-mechanical manufacturing company, Actom’s 120th anniversary. Since its inception in 1903, the company has become a major supplier of electrical equipment and services to a wide range of industries, including energy, mining and utilities.  “This event was a celebration of a legacy company that […]

Seamless Power Generation Experience

Says Ryan Robertson, Vert Energy’s Sales and Marketing Director, “The main focus of our business is on electric power generation, by delivering solutions to marine and land-based applications. Our range of products are used in diesel, petrol, gas, steam, hydro and PV-hybrid applications. One of the strongest drivers in our product selection has been to […]

Innovative Recycling of Flue Gas Residue

Global software and technology firm, Emerson, is helping the Swedish cleantech company HaloSep to optimise their unique process that turns hazardous incinerator flue gas residue from waste-to-energy plants into usable materials. Emerson’s control technology and software is being deployed at HaloSep’s plant for optimisation, research and technology (PORT) in Gothenburg, Sweden, to manage an innovative […]

No Time Like the Present

It’s human nature to put off today what we can do tomorrow but Denise Lundall, Project Officer of Sanedi (SA National Energy Development Institute) advises that procrastination can come back to bite you. “SA Mechanical Engineer” talks to Denise who says, “Private buildings with 2 000sqm net floor area from selected four building classifications must audit […]

Oil and Gas Production Transition

The energy transition can be a source of angst for oil and gas producers, but it doesn’t have to be a cause for concern, at least not in every context. In fact, when it comes to powering oil and gas production assets  which are typically reliant on diesel power generation;  developments driven by the transition […]

Fire Safety for Solar Systems

Solar power systems for homes and businesses are increasingly popular to mitigate the impact of ongoing loadshedding. However, for insurance purposes these need to be installed by an accredited installer or electrician, highlights ASP Fire CEO, Michael van Niekerk. The onus is on business owners to ensure that the installation is correct, especially in terms […]

Ethical Disposal of Solar Panels

Solar power equipment typically has a lifespan of between 20 and 30 years, under optimal operating conditions. While this may seem a long way off, it is important that consumers are made aware of the need to properly dispose of used solar panels. In 2016, the International Renewable Energy Agency and International Agency Photovoltaic Power […]

Monitoring Businesses’ Energy Consumption

The use of data loggers can help in identifying opportunities for energy saving, especially when using solar or generated electricity. Peter van Zyl, sales director of Euca Technologies, emphasises the importance of monitoring businesses’ energy consumption to assess, verify and improve energy efficiency by testing, measuring, and analysing data in particular areas where power consumption […]