The Transition to Renewable Energy

The global debate on the existence of global warming and the urgency to reduce CO2 emissions has shifted to the best method of transitioning to this new decarbonised world.

Complete Drive Module

The world is currently faced with outdated water management infrastructure that threatens to spiral out of control as the globe’s population grows. 

Exporting Green Hydrogen

Some economies like Europe for example, lack sufficient renewable resources as well as land to produce the amount of clean energy they require, opening up immense opportunities for Africa. 

SA’s Hydrogen Roadmap

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is not new. In fact, it was first invented in 1839 by Welsh scientist William Robert Grove. It was only in the 1960s though that the fuel cell was used commercially by NASA to generate power for probes, satellites and space capsules. A major component of water, oil, natural gas and […]

Finland’s Milk Trucks Fill Up with Biogas

The Vuorenmaa dairy farm, in Haapavesi, Finland, has 180 cows that produce milk for Valio’s local dairy. For years, the farm has used manure to generate electricity and heat for own use through its in-house biogas plant. For the first time, this biogas has begun to fuel a milk truck as Valio’s first step in […]

Anti-Bribery Management System Certification

The Systra engineering group has obtained international ISO 37001 certification for its anti-bribery management system in France and India. This is the first time that an engineering group has joined the limited circle of companies certified for anti-corruption in France. The Eurocompliance certification body advised Systra’s management that it had obtained ISO 37001 certification following […]

SA’s First Energy Performance Certificate

On 18 February 2021, the Admin B building at Stellenbosch University, which houses the vice chancellor and executive team, received the first-ever EPC for a building in South Africa, in recognition of its commitment to energy efficiency. Bluedust Engineering Solutions, Stellenbosch University’s energy management consultants, were instrumental in achieving their EPC.  The EPC was issued […]

Don’t Skimp on Boiler Maintenance

A comprehensive boiler maintenance programme not only keeps your boiler up and running reliably, but also ensures equipment longevity and improves safety for employees. However, many companies try to save costs on water treatment to reduce operating costs and meet production demands. While this can save money in the short term, it may have the […]

Battery-Powered Railway Maintenance Vehicle 

Railcare Group AB recently launched the world’s biggest battery-electric railway maintenance vehicle, using an Epiroc-developed technology platform. Railcare, a Swedish manufacturer of machines that keep railways safe and clean, launched a battery-powered version of its Multi-Purpose Vehicle for rail maintenance applications. The new machine can be used to vacuum away stones, trash and other obstacles […]

SA’s Wind Energy Market Opens Up

Zest WEG has entered South Africa’s wind energy industry, combining exciting turbine technology with its established footprint in the local economy.The development of a direct drive, gearless wind turbine by its parent company WEG is a key factor in Zest WEG’s plan to grow a client base among wind farm developers, says Alastair Gerrard, integrated […]