Turnkey Defence Solutions: Cape Town

“The Milkor 380 has reached a stage where it is ready to be deployed for operations to enhance aerial surveillance capabilities,” says Ghaazim Rylands, CEO of Milkor Integrated Systems in Cape Town. At the Paris Air Show 2023, Aerodata and Milkor solidified their commitment to cooperation with a Memorandum of Understanding resulting in the AeroForce […]

Does Automation Threaten Jobs? 

In 2022, the industrial manufacturing sector contributed 11.4% towards the overall GDP (R3 trillion). Today, around 1.5 million people work in industrial manufacturing, and are witnessing progression at a rapid pace within the sector. Vinesh Maharaj, PwC South Africa’s Smart Manufacturing Lead, says, “New technologies are changing the face of manufacturing. Factories are becoming increasingly […]

Embracing Predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturers to increasingly harness and use Big Data to enable responsive, optimised outputs. However, investment in technologies is irrelevant without data analytics to understand the internal and external factors impacting on a business. Big Data gets bigger every year, and manufacturing companies are increasingly able to collect data from a vast […]

AI and ML in the Data Lake

Infor, an industry cloud company, recently presented an update of their offerings at the Manufacturing Indaba held in Sandton. Focusing mainly on Infor’s manufacturing industry-specific cloud solution and technology strategy, Phil Lewis, Infor senior vice president of solution consulting international (EMEA & APJ), shared why helping customers to innovate and use technology to achieve their […]

Combination of Technology and Human Skills

Although technologies such as artificial intelligence, business process automation and machine learning have developed at a rate faster than we could have imagined, we’re not yet at a point where we can say with certainty that machines are going to replace all humans in the workplace any time soon.  However, a clear trend is emerging […]

Professional 3D Industrial Printing

Global multidisciplinary engineering business UMP is one of the few companies in South Africa offering professional 3D industrial printing.

Decision-making on the Shopfloor 

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to smart manufacturing principles, hoping to turn the shopfloor into highly efficient, data-driven operations humming with synchronised precision. Unfortunately, line-of-business managers, crew leaders, and shift supervisors – the shop floor heroes – often lack easy access to the ERP system and the relevant data needed to keep production on track. Deskless […]

Alerting and Dispatching Repair Technicians

On average, large manufacturing plants around the world lose 323 production hours annually due to downtime. This translates to more than $530 000 per hour, totalling more than $172 million per year. Hardly surprising that manufacturers are pushing themselves to become more efficient at a time when profit margins are continually being challenged by disruptions. According […]

Manufacturing Sector’s Readiness for Industry 4.0

The fortunes of our members and readers are closely allied to the manufacturing sector. A recent report from PwC provides some insights.  The manufacturing sector is South Africa’s fourth largest sector and a key driver of economic growth. However, industrialisation challenges in recent decades and the relatively slow adoption of new technologies have hampered the […]