Zinc and Wastewater Plants

Zinc coatings are an effective corrosion protection method for wastewater treatment plants as they are compatible with a range of metal materials when coated onto steel. Zinc is resistant to various corrosive agents present in wastewater, provided it is duplex coated with a powerful organic coating. Zinc can withstand high temperatures and pressures and mechanical […]

Big Gains from Small Changes

KSB Pumps and Valves in South Africa again made its expertise available to local municipalities and water authorities following a fact-finding visit by KSB’s global specialist, Emilio de Paz, late last year. He visited and assessed a number of plants and sub-stations across the country. Where possible the team also provided input to overcome some […]

No Need to Crash and Burn

“We need R1 trillion to fix what’s broken in the water sector, but the science and technology already exists to make it happen,” says Prof Anthony Turton, a scientist and consultant specialising in water resource management as a strategic issue.  “South Africa has been reclaiming and desalinating acid mine water at Witbank and other areas […]

Six Water Control Doors

An important milestone in the development of the US$2 billion De Beers Venetia Underground Project (VUP) has been reached with the completion of the first of six water control doors which are designed to counter water ingress into the underground mine. The doors have to be completed in advance of first production from the VUP, […]

Fail Fast and Learn Quickly

Two women are shaking up predominantly male-dominated industrial occupations and doing so with flair and excellence. They offer encouragement to other women to make their mark in their chosen profession. Vuyisile Precious Kubheka at Werner Pumps has taken over the company’s TIG welding, while one of Werner Pumps’ customers, Vaneetha Govender, runs her own company […]

Detection is Better than Cure

Every incident on a mine can shut down operations. The right systems provide both early detection of problems and quick interventions to prevent and contain incidents of fire and fumes.

A Player and a Referee

“Water scarcity has a profoundly negative influence, impacting economic productivity, livelihoods, safety and security,” says Raymond Obermeyer, Managing Director at SEW-Eurodrive.

Bigger Is Irrelevant

As the old joke goes, what should you do if your hammer isn’t suitable for a job? Get a bigger hammer! When managing clogging in wastewater pumps, the ‘bigger is better’ mentality often holds sway. But this is not correct. A recent whitepaper from Xylem, demonstrates that big is not the problem. The complexity of […]

Ozone – A Highly Effective Alternative

Chlorine and other chemical disinfectants have been popular for their price/performance ratio. However, ozone has proven to be a highly effective and useful alternative. On its own, ozone is a potent yet environmentally friendly disinfectant agent that outshines other choices. When using treatments that combine ozone’s immediate effects with long-term disinfectants, the results and savings […]

Finding Wastewater Solutions for Africa

As governments and municipalities across Africa grapple with ways of dealing with growing wastewater requirements, it has become increasingly evident that a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work and that differing conditions, such as sand contents, water quality and existing infrastructure, plays a large role in the specification of future pumping infrastructure requirements.This has prompted the […]