“There are significant numbers of recent engineering graduates (Candidates) who would very much appreciate the input of a senior professional (Mentor) to guide their early professional development. There are also Mentors who are actively looking to guide Candidates and to share their engineering knowledge and experience. The Career Centre on our website now provides a platform for signed-in Mentors and Candidates to connect and engage.

What a Mentor needs to do:

In order to use our Career Centre, the Mentor should post an “opening” for a Candidate using “Candidate/Intern/EIT” as the primary category. he Mentor uses the post to describe the kind of arrangement being offered, and how the Candidate should apply for the posting.  This process allows Mentors to screen potential Candidates without being flooded with direct requests.  Mentors are free to post additional openings for Candidates, and can also manage their postings via the “Career Postings” section of “Manage Profile” in their profile. Postings remain active for a maximum of 90 days.The posting will trigger an automatic email notification to those who have subscribed to the Career Centre to receive notifications of openings in the “Candidate/EIT/Intern” category.

What a Candidate needs to do:

The Candidate should regularly visit the Career Centre to check for openings, or subscribe to receive email notifications for postings in the “Candidate/Intern/EIT” category. The Candidate can then apply to the Mentor according to the instructions in the post.   

Should a Mentor select a Candidate from the response, it will be up to the Mentor and the Candidate to discuss and agree on the structure of their working relationship. SAIMechE’s Professional Development Programme (PDP) group is an excellent resource for guiding the development of professional skills.

We also encourage Mentors and Candidates to complete/update the “My Resume/CV” section of their profile in order to provide additional information about themselves. We have created step-by-step instructions and a video on how to use the Career Centre. 

SAIMechE’s Career Centre can play a very important role in connecting willing Mentors and eager Candidates, but that is as far as it goes for now. The value of the future relationship between Mentor and Candidate will depend entirely on the individuals involved.

South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE)
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