It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Engineering Career Day on Friday, 13th May 2022 hosted by the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering Student Chapter at the University of Johannesburg (SAIMechE UJ SC). This event will be a collaborative event with the ECSA Student Chapter, SAIEE Student Chapter, SAICE Student Chapter, EWB Student Chapter and the ASHRAE Student Branch. The event will be held at the University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, Auckland Park, Kingsway Campus.

This event presents an opportunity for companies to inform students (who will one day be employees or potential clients) about the services and products that they have to offer. The aim of the event is to create a working relationship between companies and students to promote mentorship programs for aspiring engineers. It is our goal that, in creating these interactions, the students will gain knowledge and insight into the engineering field. This event also provides an opportunity for companies to present any bursary schemes, funding programmes, vacation work or internship opportunities they may have to offer. Companies are welcome to distribute pamphlets and promotional items to the students.

There is no cost incurred to companies. The event will run from 09:00 to 14:00. Up to two company representatives can be accommodated. Refreshments will be available to representatives throughout the day and a light lunch will be served. The University of Johannesburg is a mandatory vaccination site and so all attendees will need to be fully vaccinated.

This year, we have launched a stationary drive where we are asking individuals/organizations to donate stationary to the schools we interact with. There will be a bin for donations on the day. We would appreciate your support on this initiative.

Please do let us know if you are interested or require any further information on the event. We hope you will be able to accept this invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you!”

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