“Our customer needed an efficient air solution for their sandblasting and painting workshop that operates 24/7 on a mine site,” explains Aina Rajaonarivelo, Miscellaneous Equipment Sales Manager at HFF. “Air is required to simultaneously operate two sandblasters that individually consume 6 000 litres/minute (210cfm), subsequently requiring 6 bar permanently. Special requirements sometimes also demand the use of a third and even a fourth sandblaster.  The pneumatic paint pumps use 2 000 litres/minute (70cfm) and need 4 bar. 

“The customer in Madagascar requested a particular Atlas Copco compressor model,” says Aina. “However, we proposed instead the E-Air T-range. Our experienced HFF team knew that the application needed a compressor that could push 937cfm to ensure that the machine does not run permanently at full capacity, especially when the equipment operates 24 hours a day.”

Continuous operation

The E-Air has the same specifications as the model proposed by the customer but incorporates more advanced technology, making it much more efficient air solution. Presented with technical data on the T400, T500 and T900 E-AIR compressors, the customer opted for the T900 machine together with an air receiver to ensure continuous operation.

“This a complete Atlas Copco package as Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Business Area supplied the air receiver,” says Pamela Finniss, Product Development Manager for Portable Products at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “The T900 E-Air electric compressor offers great productivity, reliability and green energy savings and is ideal for tough environments. The IE3 motor reduces running costs by up to 50% and the compact design makes the compressor up to 50% lighter and 33% smaller compared with diesel-driven machines.”

Expert support

Moreover, with a 2000 hours/1 year service interval, maintenance on the T-range is minimal and fast. Featuring low operating costs, best-in-class performance, unrivalled energy efficiency, ease of use and long service intervals, the E-Air is a sustainable, low total cost of ownership air solution.  

As the first electric powered compressor to be sold by Atlas Copco in Africa, the T900 E-Air is a new product for HFF, the distributor in Madagascar. “However, we have a well-equipped workshop and a team of qualified Atlas Copco diesel and electric compressor technician specialists with the necessary tools and skills to take care of our customers’ service and maintenance requirements,” Aina concludes.


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