Steinmuller Africa offers boilers and burners as a part of its engineering services. The company designs and manufactures coal and oil & gas-fired boilers as well as pulverised burners. All manufacturing work is conducted at its facility in Pretoria, where individual components are tailor-made using alloy. 

All equipment can be manufactured to customer specification, and boilers are designed to maximise boiler efficiency within the typical boiler operating range. Where required, burners can be designed to emit lower CO2 emissions. Burners manufactured by the company in this fashion are at the forefront of international technology for low NOx burners. 

The fabrication process of the pressure parts and components is strictly governed by international design, as well as manufacturing codes and standards. Steinmüller Africa has implemented ISO 9001, BH OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO3834 and PED manufacturing standards at its workshop in Pretoria West. In addition, the company continues to update welding procedures and qualifications to ensure that production is of the highest quality. 

Comprehensive maintenance

Along with design and manufacturing services, Steinmüller Africa conducts comprehensive maintenance for its boilers and burners throughout their lifespan. In order to assess plant conditions and allow adequate time for outage planning, the company undertakes short-duration inspection outages approximately 18 months prior to the maintenance outage. All maintenance includes function assessment and the removal and replacement of worn parts.

Steinmüller Africa’s boiler and burner offering is best illustrated by work conducted at Eskom’s Kusile and Medupi power plants. A design was supplied and the company participated in the design process to make modifications to suit its own manufacturing process. This included designing special manufacturing jigs and lifting equipment required at its Pretoria facility.

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