Sales Representative, Andy Weddell, and Auto Aftermarket Sales Manager, Lesley Barnard

Trucks in South Africa operate under arduous conditions on the road and therefore must minimise harmful emissions, reduce engine wear and have improved start-up protection. “If one considers the South African car park or truck yard, so to speak, the importance of a technologically advanced low-SAPS product like Titan Cargo Maxx 10W40 is imperative,” says Andy Weddell, Sales Representative, Commercial Vehicle Lead, at Fuchs Lubricants SA.

Low-SAPS engine oil has a low sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur content. Referred to as low-ash engine oils, they have a reduced tendency for ash formation. These oils consist of innovative, low-emission additives. “We sell equipment longevity, which is very beneficial to the commercial vehicle sector in South Africa,” Andy claims. Such has been Fuchs’ success in this market segment that it is seeing year-on-year growth of about 30%, with plans to grow by an additional 30% in the year ahead.

Best wear protection

Looking at existing and emerging challenges, Andy points to the regulatory environment, road infrastructure, carbon emissions and specific local challenges due to the decline in the number of new commercial vehicles and associated components being produced.

“Titan Cargo is recognised as the premium diesel engine oil in our South African range,” says Andy. It offers the best wear protection, represents the most comprehensive additive package, and is both technologically- advanced and low SAPS. In addition, customers have access to ancillary Fuchs products such as antifreeze and summer coolant, gearbox and differential lubricants, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, greases and the addition of a Titan AdBlue product.

Oil drainage intervals

Highlighting the extended benefits of Titan Cargo, Andy says the most significant is the oil drainage interval extension. This results in a substantial reduction of the cost per kilometre, which makes running such a fully synthetic product an extremely cost effective and maximum wear protection offering. In addition, extended intervals reduce maintenance costs, with the added advantage of wear protection to extend equipment life. “It is the perfect combination for a fleet owner,” Andy points out.

The company’s value-added services for customers include oil condition monitoring for preventative maintenance, dispensing equipment, the availability of national deals through a well-established supply network and the assistance and expertise offered by a highly qualified technical team comprised of engineers and tribologists. Fuchs’ Oil Chooser allows customers to select the correct oil for a specific vehicle or application.

OEM approvals

The lubricant producer also has an extensive range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals on all its products, which represents a considerable investment and commitment to quality and performance

 “OEM approved lubricants give customers the confidence that we only supply high-quality, reliable products that have been rigorously tested and approved for use in their vehicles,” Andy concludes. In addition, using non-approved lubricants can void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving the customer liable for any repairs or maintenance required. 

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