Weir Minerals has announced the global launch of its Accumin lubricators, following international demand for the superior-quality grease lubrication which has been ensuring optimal performance for equipment such as Warman slurry pumps in APAC since 2014.
Across more than 100 sites, the Accumin lubrication system has proven itself an efficient way of preventing expensive bearing assembly failures. It reduces maintenance downtime and promotes safety by decreasing the amount of manual interface to keep equipment performing. 
“At Weir Minerals, we make the market leading slurry pump for mining applications, but we can’t always control what happens when it gets to site. Between dust, overflow and gland seal leaks, lubrication is a vital tool in the constant battle to keep machinery going,” Michael Roinich, Accumin Specialist at Weir Minerals, says.
Having this lubrication system fitted prevents over and under greasing, from bearing failures and frees up man hours for more critical tasks.” 
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