In the world of robotics, quick-start solutions are paramount. In the case of AeroKlas Duys, an automotive manufacturing supplier for Ford in Silverton, the company required something unique for its rear bumper step assembly of the Ford Ranger and the VW Amarok. “At first, the company explored the option of custom-built robot cells for its welding requirements,” says Yaskawa’s Sean Low. “But after seeing the benefits of our ArcWorld system, they decided that the solution matched their criteria and proceeded to order three systems.”

The ArcWorld system is the definition of compact and ready to use. As Sean explains, the solution is preassembled, preprogrammed through offline 3D CAD models of the jigs, and designed in such a way that it can be easily removed from the container, put on its wheels, and moved to its desired position. As long as there is a flat surface on the factory floor and it is connected to power, the system is ready to be installed and deployed in no time.

New location

While the solution-in-a-box model is appealing due to its straightforward nature, ArcWorld holds another two key benefits. The first is how it is completely integrated and modular, allowing for the systems to work together and with the current assembly line. In addition, there are customisation options available. “This robot system can be paired with any welding machine brand,” adds Sean. “We understand most automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like to retain consistency in brands used, so we will pre-install their desired brand of equipment into our solution.”

Second, the system is easily movable and leaves a smaller footprint. As many factories restructure assembly lines or even move premises, it is crucial to have solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing surroundings and floorspace. In terms of ArcWorld, it is wheelable so it can be moved to a new position without much effort. All that is necessary here is to unplug, raise the built-in jacks of the cabinet, and wheel it away to a new location.

Because Yaskawa is a global brand, the high-quality cabins are built in Europe to EU standards, so they already come equipped with the required European safety features. What is critical, however, is training of the robot operators on how to maximise the potential of the robots and how to use them safely. For Yaskawa, this has always formed part of its value proposition as it offers training courses to each of its clients. There is also the opportunity for companies to enroll their operators in the Southern African Institute of Welding’s ongoing welder course that allows them to receive a certification from the local technical body.

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