When a manufacturing facility on the East Rand in Johannesburg required an urgent replacement Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for an extraction fan in its welding facility after the existing drive broke down and halted production, it turned to leading supplier Bearings International (BI) for a solution.
Not only did BI have a 75kW VSD available ex-stock, its technical department assisted the customer with the installation, integration and commissioning of the new drive so that it could be back up and running on the same day it was supplied, Product Manager Andries Barnard reveals. 
“The VDrivePlus is specifically designed for all variable torque applications and ease of integration with existing control configurations,”Andries explains. The VDrivePlus and AlphaDrive-Micro VSDs are electronic motor control solutions from Hudaco Group Company Varispeed, available from BI as part of its integrated solutions approach.
The VDrivePlus from Varispeed ranges from 0.4kW to 400kW, available in 240V and 400V. This more advanced VSD features advanced motor control based on DSP technology, together with ‘smart’ auto-tuning. Additional features include flexible inverter control, dual high-resolution analogue inputs and free mappable I/O channels.
The AlphaDrive-Micro VSD from Varispeed is a compact frequency inverter ranging from 0.2kW to 5.5kW, and available in 240V and 400V. Together with the VDrivePlus, these VSDs offer the best performance-to-cost ratio on the market, without compromising on quality and reliability
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