The advent of online purchasing has meant that consumers have access to a broader range of sales channels than ever before. However, according to Lionel Maasdorp, MD at Allmech, leading South African manufacturer of boilers and supplier of water treatment components, there is still value in partnering with an authorised agent for certain purchases, including technical equipment and spares.

“Although valves are now available through parallel importers and online retailers, if you purchase through those channels, you miss out on any technical expertise or aftersales support. including on-site support, which is part of the benefit of buying from an authorised supplier,” he says.


Lionel cites an example of a customer who called Allmech to site to assist with a filtration system that was not functioning correctly. It turned out that the pipes had been installed back-to-front. 

“These systems can be complex if you’re not dealing with them every day,” he says. “It’s easy to end up with the wrong size of valve or something that doesn’t meet the requirements of your particular application.”

Value-add for customers

The company is the sole official agent in South Africa for Runxin water treatment systems, including softener and filter valves and Lionel believes that the company’s relationship with the manufacturer yields value-add for customers.

Allmech understands the Runxin ecosystem and technologies, stocks a comprehensive range of spares and is able to customise plants through special requests directly to Runxin when required. Furthermore, Allmech uses test benches where Runxin valves can be tested for faults, leaks or damages under similar conditions to those found on site. 

Valves can then be repaired more cost effectively without replacing the entire unit. Additional technical support is available via the Allmech WhatsApp group or through the website.

Pass along to customers

“We’ve chosen to partner with Runxin for various reasons,” says Lionel. “We find their products reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective, and they are continuously investing in new technologies and range extensions. We can pass all of that along to our customers.”

A good example is Runxin’s patented ceramic ball valve, designed for applications ranging from sewerage treatment plants to chemical plants, paper mills and irrigation systems. They are safe to use with gasoline, compressed air, gas and most alkaline liquids and acids. 

More than 10 years

Allmech stocks the ceramic valves because they are ideal for filtration and softener systems used in water treatment and are available in two-wire, three-wire and three-way (L-shape) variants from DN 15 – DN 50 threaded or glued fitting options. They are easy to programme and use, with simple, user-friendly displays.

“We also choose Runxin because of the valves’ longer service life – some of our valves have run for more than 10 years with no maintenance required,” Lionel adds. “There are time-controlled ball valves available, as well as adjustable ones with a positional feedback function. The degree and angle that the ball can be opened at can be determined by the PLC on these valves, and adjustments for flow, temperature and pressure can also be made.”

Demo unit

One of the latest innovations in the Runxin range is a shut-off valve with a remote Bluetooth unit designed for installation on incoming water lines in buildings which can be turned off when a leak is detected or send an alert when a geyser is at risk of bursting. “We think these are great for residential applications, as well as facilities management.”

Lionel concludes, “We’re excited to be bringing them to the local market and currently have a demo unit set up at our premises for testing.”

With a customer base stretching from its head office in Benoni, Johannesburg, throughout Southern Africa and beyond, Allmech has become recognised as an experience end-to-end provider for clients requiring boiler plants, steam supply of all types, cooling towers, water treatment equipment and associated chemical programmes. 

Aside from sales to direct and distributor clients, the company’s services include technical support, repairs and maintenance, and spares sales. 

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