Rising to the challenge

According to various reports, South Africa had fewer than 6 000 ventilators when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country. Of the total number of ventilators, two-thirds were reported to be in private hospitals thus leaving public hospitals to share the remaining one-third. Businesses, public entities and Institutions of Higher Learning responded to the challenge and […]

Updated Fire Safety Standard

The SABS has recently published a revised version of SANS 10139, Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems in non-domestic premises which brings South Africa in line with fire safety standards similar to those in the United Kingdom and Europe. The standard provides recommendations for the planning, […]

A Quick Viscosity Test Kit

Condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, recently launched a quick, cost-effective viscosity test kit known as the WearCheck Rheo-stick. Technical manager Steven Lumley, elaborates, “It is important to know the viscosity (thickness) of a lubricant because this determines its film strength and its efficiency in preventing friction between moving parts. Thick oil has a high viscosity, and […]

Instant and Structural Bonding Adhesives

The range of instant-bonding adhesives available from Bearings International (BI) gives a varied fixture time from two to 50 seconds. These are versatile, and able to bond dissimilar products with a high-strength bond. For structural bonding, two-component adhesives are available that can bond a wide variety of materials such as wood, metals, plastic and glass. […]

Boosting Recoveries at African Mines

Engineered to improve classification and separation in arduous applications, Weir Minerals’ Cavex classification hydrocyclones have added value to two more African mines; one is a gold mining operation and the other mines fluorspar. Following the retrofitting of two Cavex 700CVX13 hydrocyclones, one of Ghana’s lowest-cost surface gold miners reported an almost 70% improvement in classification […]

A Game of Percentages

It is not uncommon to find multimillion Rand processing plants with enormous production potential being severely restricted by poorly specified or old-fashioned screening media. Mineral’s processing equipment supplier, ELB Equipment, in partnership with screen media manufacturer, Major Wire, has spent several years fixing screening problems at an almost endless array of processing plants. The company’s […]

SA’s Hydrogen Roadmap

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is not new. In fact, it was first invented in 1839 by Welsh scientist William Robert Grove. It was only in the 1960s though that the fuel cell was used commercially by NASA to generate power for probes, satellites and space capsules. A major component of water, oil, natural gas and […]

Positional Feedback Valves

“Many industrial processes, such as power generation, mining, food manufacturing and chemical manufacturing, use a series of ball valves, and could benefit from positional feedback valves in certain applications,” says Lynette Morrey of Allmech, a South African manufacturer of boilers and supplier of water treatment components and the sole official agent in South Africa for […]

Dewatering Pump on Hand

The tried-and-tested Sykes XH150 dewatering pump from Integrated Pump Rental once again came to the rescue of a Northern Cape mine following heavy rains in the region. The mine, which already had one of these units in operation, signed a long-term contract for a second unit – replacing a competitor’s product on site. The pump […]

Soft Starter Upgrades Mill Operation

A WEG SSW7000 medium voltage soft starter has ensured improved starting as well as lowered energy costs for a rod mill at a process plant in Mpumalanga. This installation formed part of an upgrade which also saw a 450kW 8 pole 6600V WEG W50 motor being installed at the plant. According to Fritz Hoogenboezem, branch […]