Delta OHM, a member of the GHM Group, has launched their new generation Thermal Microclimate HD 32.3 TC data logger, a portable measurement instrument for microclimate and indoor air quality analysis specifically for thermal comfort assessment. The company was the first to introduce a portable instrument that had an instantaneously calculation of the PMV/PPD (predicted mean vote/ predictive percentage of dissatisfied) and WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature) index and could directly display these values.
Research among users resulted in additional functions being incorporated into the Thermal Microclimate HD32.3 TC, and the company has now added the turbulence intensity as one of the new parameters. There were requirements to be able to identify the specific measuring places, a need for a memo recording function and in the case of long-lasting measurements, that measurement data could be remotely accessible. These too have been added to the Thermal Microclimate HD 32.3 TC
Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik, South Africa says, “Building managers will benefit from the this logger device due to its advanced technology which enables all applicable factors that influence thermal comfort to be accurately assessed and analysed resulting in best practice for building and workforce health. This is particularly important in view of the need to identify potentially dangerous environments”.
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Jan Grobler
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